Caution – contains my dirty little (not) secret

24th February – World Bartender Day! 


Confession time.

I like money.

Like, I like like money.

Here’s the part where I can hear a chorus of voices going ‘Well we all like money, duh. Booooring’.

But wait, let’s clarify – most of you probably just like spending money. Does that sound about right? Maybe you have more than one bank account, or a credit card that gives you a decent number of frequent flyers for your semi-annual trip to Bali. When I say I like money, what I mean is that if we were choosing a patronus, I would  probably be stuck with this guy:




(C’mon, he’s kind of adorable. Look how happy he is)

Hang around me long enough, and we’ll probably get to the point where I’m begging you to let me draw up a budget that will make all of your financial dreams come true – that’s right, it doesn’t even have to be my money to bring me joy. Commence your judgey looks.

Forget Saw, if you confess that you can’t remember that last time your credit card was maxed and your rent every month ‘sort of just happens’, you’ve just ticked every terror box for me. Just typing those words set off cold sweats.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich. I’m not even overly concerned with becoming rich. What I am is a struggling actress who was very recently a struggling student, and prior to that was an eight year old counting out her piggy bank to see if I had enough for whatever tween fad my parents wisely refused to buy me (see visual reference above). Nothing helps me sleep more at night than knowing that my bills will be paid and the baked beans will stay quietly rusting in the back of my pantry for another month. I’m pretty sure those are goals we can all connect with.

Want to hear more about how I manage to live alone and build my investments on a teeny actress earning and a handful of casual jobs? Hit subscribe and let’s be friends. And you’ve already heard what I like to do for my friends…



(…budget. It’s budget, guys.)

If you want to see more of me, you can check out my Instagram & Twitter, I would love to see you there!


Caution – contains my dirty little (not) secret

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