Time to face the (digital) reality

I have a social media problem.

There’s literally no denying it. I start my morning flicking through my twitter & instagram (and Acorns #addict). Throughout the day I’ll be casually touching base, chatting with followers or replying to messages. At night I’ll normally do a last blast of commenting on pictures that catch my eye, stalk some friends on facebook or tweet a reminder about a new blog post. I would be the first person to say that the amount of time I spend with my phone in my hand is reasonably unhealthy, but I’ve always been able to justify my social media time by heaving a sigh and going ‘I know, but it’s really for my career’.

That’s not a complete lie. I was never into the insta/twitter obsession when they first started. I’m not great in front of a camera and I could probably count the number of selfies I had taken on two hands (and maybe a foot). They were the realm of people who drank smoothies and pranced around on beaches (without ANY sand sticking to them, I call bunk). But then I heard a story from a friend of mine who had gone in to audition for a short-term music theatre gig- the audition had gone well and she was invited back for a callback and then she was asked for all her social media account so that her follower numbers could be checked.


Since when has someone’s insta-fame affected their ability to entertain a group of child-spawn? But the story stuck with me and I figured if that was the way the industry was going, I had better get on board. Cut to about three years later and Google Play (the android version of the apps store, for all you mac addicts) suggests that the app I really need in my life is ‘Antisocial’.

I was procrastinating, so of course I downloaded it.

“Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone? Finally discover and track how addicted you are to your smartphone with AntiSocial!”


Exqueeze me? I am not addicted. I can do just fine without my phone. I don’t even ‘gram my food, I can’t be addicted.

BUT it is a new app, and I love new apps. AND if I’m honest, that love of apps robs me of so much time every day that maybe it could be time to get this beast under control.

So how does it work?

“Once installed, AntiSocial works in the background of your phone without you even knowing it. After 2 weeks, it accumulates all of your activity and delivers an easy to understand report.

More importantly, you will be able to learn whether you use your phone more or less than everyone else. Knowledge is power, and from there it’s up to you whether you want or need to take action. The app offers the ability to manage, block and restrict usage but again, this is entirely up to the user.” 


I have a feeling that I am about to discover more about my most-definitely-not-addiction than I am ready to face. I’ll update at the end of my two week ‘assessment’ and then I suspect things are about to get very embarrassing as the truth comes out…

Want to join me? Grab Antisocial and we can face our results together – I promise to let you gloat when yours put mine to shame.

Speaking of social media; if you want to see more of me, you can check out my Instagram & Twitter, I would love to see you there!

Time to face the (digital) reality

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