So why do you need a budget anyway?

Budgets are boring. Cocktails are fun!  Why should you even have to worry about something that your parents probably did at the kitchen table with a pencil stub and their trusty abacus when we’re living in a digital age, baby!

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Who needs a budget when your bank balance is at your fingertips and the world is your money-loving oyster. Besides, you’re not an idiot. You know how much you have in your account, and you have no trouble paying off your credit card each month.

So why should you have a budget?

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Because it’s time to enter the big-kid world now, my child.

If you’re earning money and spending money, and you want to continue earning and spending that money in a stress-free manner long into the future, then you need to have some sort of idea of how you’re going to do that. Do you really want to leave it up to chance?

Budgeting can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I have a digital envelope budget system because it brings me joy and I like to see my ‘binge’ accounts accumulating for a guilt-free spend- your budget might basic as an account you spend out of and an account that you don’t.

What really matters with a budget is that you have an idea of how much you can spend at the supermarket before you have to cut down your coffee allowance, or that when that big annual expense creeps up, you know that there’s enough money set aside to cover it. Anything beyond that is extra-level adulting. When you’re ready to step up your game, here’s a few ideas?

-Like to have a big night out most weeks? Make sure there’s a set figure in your weekly budget for it.

-Planning a trip? Set aside a place in your budget to save for it.

-Sick of feeling guilty after an unexpected spend? Funnel some money into a ‘Splurge’ account every week and enjoy.

At the end of the day, a budget is there to make sure that what you’re spending is less than what you’re earning. But with a little time to asses your finances and a teeny, tiny bit of ongoing maintenance, a budget can help you master your money and make sure it’s working for you, and not the other way around.

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How about you? Do you budget already? Would you like to hear more about my budget? Do you wish I would just shut up about money and get back to the acting thing? This gal wants to know!


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So why do you need a budget anyway?

18 thoughts on “So why do you need a budget anyway?

  1. I am a budget freak! I have a spreadsheet with my work paydays marked for the next few years. I plan how long it will take me to pay off things and to do other things. I think a budget is extremely important and amazed that more people don’t do them. They are not for the people who live in the here and now but the ones who want to save for the future.


    1. I can’t believe that people can live without them, I love when payday rolls around and I get to distribute the money into various envelopes! It’s so satisfying to see rent & bill money stockpiling so I know they’re all taken care of. You’re so right about everyone needing one!

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  2. Michael Butler says:

    Love the Blog Abbie! I have to wait until I am at work and read it during my break or while I’m at lunch. It’s hard to read a blog on my tiny phone. 🙂


  3. livinwithgrace says:

    Although I dislike budgeting, one day I would love to get rid of the small debt we have left, have some savings and also pay off our house. So we budget. We use Quicken to track stuff but I put Mvelopes on our phones so we have virtual envelopes (and that way we track our cash for variable expenses). This month is going well so far… hope we stick to it!

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    1. Virtual envelopes can be so useful! I have one for my cat so I know that I have money there to cover any unexpected vet bills.

      I’m working towards having a house to pay off, but I think that’s still going to be a long way away!

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  4. Budgeting is so important! I use to use a digital envelope system as well when I was in college. It made it less stressful to see that I had enough to cover evening and have a little extra. It also made it easier for me to set aside some savings when I could see and keep track of the limitations on how much I could spend eating out vs home cooking (for example). Now my husband does all the budgeting (our methods were totally different) and I just check with him before any buying anything out of the ordinary.

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  5. Whoa, you two are way ahead of the curve in money management. If you are spiritual at all, ask your Higher Power to help you stay within the amounts available in your envelopes. I see debt-free and abundance in your futures.
    Excellent advice about having a splurge envelope. The human spirit rebels against constant deprivation. And once it rebels, watch out budget!

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  6. disorientedadult says:

    I try to look at my bank account, but I forget what I’m actually spending money on. I tried a budget app, but I never looked at it… *sigh*


    1. Ahhh, the old conundrum! It sounds like you need a multi-account approach- one for savings, one for bills, and one for spendings. Set up an auto-transfer each payday, only spend what’s in your spending account, and you’ll never need a budget app again!


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