Wanted: Cabin in the woods

As I write this, winter is slowly creeping in on Melbourne. The trees are dropping leaves and nights are cool enough that I’m sleeping snuggled around a hot water bottle. I miss the feeling of sun soaking into my bones, and the way it lingers on the corner of my couch when I have time to sit for a morning coffee.

Maybe it’s the change of season getting the best of me, but I’m also feeling as though life is stretching me thin at the moment. I haven’t had two days in a row off in forever (at least it feels like it) and I can feel my poor body struggling to keep up with the endless balancing act of my bill paying work and the ‘work’ of building an acting career. I get a sort of tightness in my brain that makes me crave a cabin in the woods somewhere with nothing but green as far as the eye can see.

giphy (3)

My soul needs this…without the stabby stabby

Failing a cabin, what would you suggest? How do you cope when life is getting a bit much?


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Wanted: Cabin in the woods

7 thoughts on “Wanted: Cabin in the woods

  1. One thing that definitely affects me as autumn drifts into winter is the decrease in sunlight. It’s called “Seasonal Affective Disorder”, and, usually, you hear about how this makes people depressed. It also seems to trigger overeating and gaining weight in winter.

    I don’t feel sad, per se, but I gradually lose energy and find it almost impossible to wake up and get out of bed as November turns into December. The solution, for me, is carefully timed electric light. When I got an alarm clock that gradually brightens the room for half an hour before the set time of the alarm, I regained the ability to wake up on time without feeling actually sick with fatigue during that first hour of the day. It is natural and healthy for me when I wake up BEFORE my alarm rings. The light fixes my ability to do this in winter!

    I also sit under a 10,000 lux “light box” for at least a few minutes every winter day. This boosts my energy for the rest of the day. (I never use the strong light after noon, however, as that can induce my insomnia.) I’m a tricky one as far as sleeping and waking goes, it seems. 🙂


    1. I need to get out the habit of using my phone to wake me up, a clock like that is a good idea! I’ll have to look into it. I do feel better when I get time to just sit still by my window for a bit, I think I need to just find more of those moments if I’m going to get through this busy period!


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