Low-waste traveling

Hello dear readers!

By the time you receive this post, I will be lounging by the poolside somewhere with a cocktail. Or not. Because I’m actually  going to be on the tiny island of Tasmania, which I’ve been assured is a frozen wonderland, so I’ll be leaving the togs at home and heading out looking more like this:



I’ve never been to Tasmania, but since I’ve been reassured that it’s basically a tiny New Zealand filled with adorable animals and whiskey, I’m sure I’m going to feel right at home. If you have any must-dos from a visit of your own, please fill a girl in so I can make sure our last few days are jam-packed!

Since we’re going to be traveling with carry-on luggage, liquids and weight are going to be pretty restricted. Fortunately, a lot of zero-waste essentials earn a big tick in both of those areas! Here are the basics that I’ll be taking with me:

  1. FrankGreen SmartCup

One of the first zero-waste swaps I ever mentioned was my trusty keepcup. I’m sad to report that my cup recently decided that it was time to venture out into the wide world without me and then I managed to smash my ceramic back-up cup the next day. Quelle horreur! I’ve decided to take the opportunity to try a new cup I’ve seen around, so my shiny new Frank Green will be getting her maiden voyage on this trip!


For a coffee addict, keeping a travel cup to hand is a no-brainer. My last cup lasted literally years of daily use, and I hope it will continue to be well-loved in its new home. Just think of how many plastic-lined cups and lids this swap has saved!

2. Solid Shampoo

Remember what I said about zero-waste travel being light and liquid-free? Tadaa!


I was cautious about switching to solid shampoo initially, but I can’t see myself ever making the swap back. Some people choose to pair these bars with a conditioner of some sort, but I’ve never found the need. My hair is clean and healthy, and I certainly don’t miss the big plastic bottles in my shower! I get my shampoo bars from Lush, who also have conveniently sized tins for travel. Win and win!

3. Cotton Face Rounds

Exactly what they say on the box! I swapped to cotton rounds a while ago for removing eye makeup, and I’ll be bringing a few with me on the trip. They’ll just be thrown in a mesh back, and tossed into the rest of my washing when I get back to Melbourne- couldn’t be easier.



4. Food Bags

I hardly travel without these now, so they’ll definitely be coming on the plane with me. I use a mix of mesh Onya bags and plain cotton ones, depending on what I’m putting in them. You never know when the urge for a croissant is going to strike, so it’s important to be prepared! I’ll probably also throw a large Beeswax Wrap into one of those bags because they smell so gosh-darned good and they’re great for smuggling out leftovers.



Huzzah for the bento box! While I’m nowhere near organised enough to justify having a bento kit of my own, I grabbed a set of cutlery similar to this when I was passing through Hong Kong and it’s the best. thing. ever. So easy to throw in my bag and go! As you can see, there’s no knife in the set but I’ll be interested to see how it goes through security….


-No brainer item

A water bottle. Seriously- if you don’t have one yet, what are you doing? That shiznet is free, why would you pay someone to stay hydrated?! The only people winning when you buy bottled water are the marketing genius’ who convinced you that your water needed to come from a store.

What I won’t be bringing


Yuss, lady legs be free

giphy (6).gif

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Low-waste traveling

4 thoughts on “Low-waste traveling

    1. Me too! Doesn’t it feel like such a ridiculous use of plastic when you just take it all out at home anyway? The one thing people can’t believe about my bags and beeswax wraps is how fresh the food remains- it’s funny how we hardly notice how wilty food gets when it’s bundled up in plastic

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