July Reading Roundup

And I’m baaaack!

This post is so late that I was going to skip the July roundup completely, but I couldn’t bear to have one month missing from the archives, so here it is!


Hag-Seed (Hogarth Shakespeare)

The Hag Seed! Margaret Atwood is the gal of the hour in my circle, thanks to the release of the fantastically disturbing Handmaid’s Tale on SBS over here. Atwood was commissioned to write The Hag Seed by Penguin Randomhouse as part of a series retelling classic Shakespeare, and joins other literary names such as Gillian Flynn and Howard Jacobson in the endeavor.

Inspired by The Tempest, The Hag Seed follows Felix, an outed artistic director of a Canadian theatre festival, on his mission for revenge. I have to confess that it took me about three tries to get going with this book, but once I got through the first chapter, I flew through to the end. I was concerned that a complete lack of knowledge of The Tempest would make The Hag Seed a struggle for me, but while a few nuances might have gone over my head, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on any of the story. In an odd choice, a synopsis of the play is included at the end of the novel where you almost stumble across it by accident. All being said however, I think The Hag Seed is worth a read if it sounds up you’re alley- I know that I’m going to be digging up the rewrite of Merchant of Venice when I get the chance.

…And I’m sad to say that that is it. One book! In a whole month! Who’s even writing this blog? Never fear, the first week of August has already seen a flurry of reading, so next month’s roundup will be a lot more…well rounded



What have you been reading this month? Comment below to share your favourite, I’m always looking for recommendations!

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July Reading Roundup

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