We are what we wear (or are we?)

I’ve never been what you call ‘fashionable’. As I write this, I’m wearing an old pair of Levi mum-jeans (they’re cool now, right?) and a flannel (because they’re obviously always cool).

giphy (3)

I tend to watch fashion trends from afar, either laughing at them (fishnets under jeans, anyone?), or secretly envious of the effortless fabulousness (basically any chic blogger ever- just how). It’s easy to feel unaffected by the quickly changing seasonal fads, but as Miranda Priestly so cuttingly put it in The Devil Wears Prada


…it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you’re wearing the sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room from a pile of …stuff”


giphy (10).gif

The fast fashion industry has built itself on the constant drive for next, new, better.  Thanks to the development of cheaper synthetic fabrics and processing techniques, the latest trend can make the transition from catwalk to storefront in a matter of weeks. With some chain stores currently accepting deliveries of new items as frequently as every other day, we’re seeing a glut of shopping options that no previous era has had to negotiate.

Unsurprisingly given this turnaround, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index has shown that while the amount of clothing that we own has skyrocketed, the percentage of our income that we spend on that clothing has completely bottomed out. In 1901 the average American was spending 14% of their income on wearables- in 2013 that figure had dropped to 3.1% and has continued to fall since then. 

Apparently these days, we shop cheap and we shop fast. But why?

According to a number of studies, the mere sight of something we want to buy fires up our nucleus ambens (the pleasure center of the brain). Flip over that price tag and our brain enters into a battle of pleasure at the thought of owning the object of our desire, and pain at the thought of parting with our hard earned dollars- apparently a heady cocktail of emotions. In fact, the anticipation of the purchase has been shown to bring us more pleasure than actually owning it. And if that item happens to be on sale or you feel like you’re getting a bargain, those pleasure centers are going to be super saiyan at the thought of getting your hands on that sweet sweet deal before anyone else!

giphy (12).gif

In a world where we’re constantly under stress to excel in every aspect of life, our poor little nucleus ambens can sometimes need all the love they can get. If we haven’t created healthy habits of self care, a shopping spree might seem like the perfect hit to get us through a rough patch.

Apart from the neurological pleasure of the purchase, there’s apparently also an animal desire to clearly mark who we are through what we wear. The latest trends might prove that we’re cutting edge and financially well off. Certain styles might mark us as eco-conscious, or alternative. Even my second-hand mum jeans probably send out a message (whether that I’m a slob, low maintenance, or too cool to care is up for discussion).

Clothing is an easy way to prove exactly where we fit in- a throwback to our tribal days that the human race has apparently never been quite able to shake. I look around my circle of close friends, and it’s easy to pick that we belong together- we’re a quirky bunch, with a penchant for patterns and (at the moment) enamel pins. Our fashion proudly proclaims our status on the edge of the ‘cool kids’.

giphy (11).gif

If you come up to me dressed like an instagram fashion shoot, I might be dubious of our ability to get on for more than a casual conversation. Why? Because the clothing you have chosen has marked you as part of a tribe that I don’t belong to.


The Tribe (basically the best TV show of my childhood)


The hypothetical fashion plate and I might talk a bit more and eventually discover enough similarities lurking beneath the surface to become the best of friends, but in a world where we can engage in dozens of trivial interactions a day, clothing is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to project a sense of self. As that sense of self changes, it’s logical that we would also reinvent our outer image.

And when we’re feeling that urge, you bet your bottom dollar the fast fashion industry will be there to help us.


giphy (14).gif

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If you want to read more on the topic, here are some of the resources I drowned myself in:


We are what we wear (or are we?)

It’s time to roundup your Procrasti-buddies

I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I know a lot of people may say something along these lines, but you have to believe me when I tell you that, right after sleeping, procrastination is my special skill. I have a To Do list in my diary with items that have been carried over every week since February. In the time it’s taken to write this far, I’ve checked facebook three times, price-checked and purchased a number of items off ebay to use in an upcoming instagram post, checked my emails, checked my work emails, hunted for a new blog template, watched a video of Dame Judi Dench rapping, contacted a couple of business opportunities, ranted to a colleague about the expense of attending ‘high arts’, checked my emails again, drooled over this beauty which is all my nerdy soul needs and renewed my renters insurance.

And writing blog posts is something that I actually like do to.

My procrasti-buddies range from the standard (scrolling instagram) to the ridiculous (dead-heading my indoor plants). I’ve also been known to scrub the kitchen floor, sort out my bathroom drawers or *gasp* make my bed -all in an effort to avoid doing the one thing I wanted to achieve that day. Sometimes my procrasti-buddies are great (let’s be honest, they’re the only reason anything in my house gets cleaned), but sometimes they can be the reason that I’ve had this draft open for the last six hours and I’m precisely two paragraphs deep. When the deadline is finally actually looming and I can’t put it off any more, here’s how I finally round up the procrasti-buddies

giphy (7)

1. Shut it down

Everything. Shut everything down. Close your tabs, hide your phone, do whatever you have to do to keep those distractions out of sight. I use a Pomodoro extension on my browser that actually blocks access to any websites I’ve flagged as a distraction, and I have a similar aid on my phone, in case I feel tempted to pull it out from it’s burial ground underneath the mattress.

2. Suck it up

I was going to have more points, but this is basically what it comes down to.

You don’t want to do the thing. I don’t want to do the thing. My cat is more than happy for me not to do the thing if it means that I’ll come and pat her. The dishes would rather I didn’t do the thing, because they’re just staring at me from the kitchen. But when the deadline is looming, it’s time to do the thing.

Pull the plug, take a deep breath, and suck it up. Just start. If you’re anything like me, in the time you’ve been putting off doing the thing, you could have done it a dozen times. In the two days I’ve spent trying to write this post, I could have written articles for the next fortnight. In the four minutes since I’ve said goodbye to my sister on Facebook and blocked the site from my browser, I’ve achieved more in the six hours I fussed around yesterday.

giphy (8)

You want to get sh*t done? Shut it down & suck it up. Round up those procrasti-buddies, set your timer, hit the Rocky theme song, and smash it out.

giphy (8)


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It’s time to roundup your Procrasti-buddies

Why I’m breaking up with my laundry detergent

Disclaimer: I was sent That Red House Soapberries to try in exchange for my honest and genuine review. This post was not sponsored in any other way.

It’s time for Science Hour on Ferdydurking Blog!

giphy (7)

Meet Soapberries, the dried shell of fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. These shells are a very dense source of ‘saponin’ aka nature’s soap. Saponin reduces the surface tension of water, allowing dirt to be easily washed away in the same fashion as your normal household washing liquids.


Odd looking fellows, aren’t they?

Apparently soapberries are a natural alternative to traditional laundry detergent and fabric softener. They are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic, chemical free, grey water safe, organic, compostable, and 100% sustainable *wipes sweat from brow*

Full disclosure, I was very suspicious about anything with a list of benefits that long, and I was ready and waiting to be proven correct.  Why would anyone use a standard laundry detergent when these bad boys are available? But I have seen soapberries pop up now and again on the plastic-free instagrams, so when That Red House slid into my DMs and asked if I would be interested in trying them out, I was game to give them a go.


Straight out of the post, I was pretty impressed with the packaging. Everything is very clearly explained on the bag, and I can definitely find a dozen ways to reuse it when the berries are gone (it’s a really lovely fabric). When I picked up the bag and felt it crinkle in my hand, I braced myself to have a discussion on plastic packaging around eco-products. But check this out-


A paper bag! And how pretty does it look?

That Red House, I’m sorry I ever doubted you. Of course you wouldn’t hide some plastic behind that nice eco-friendly bag.


According to the instructions, you put a handful of the dried berries into the included smaller bag, tie it off, and forget about it (no need to take it out before the rinse cycle).

giphy (6)

The berries smell a little odd but it’s not offensive. They seem harmless, but I was still dubious. You want me to what with these? Without adding any real detergent? Are you sure this is going to work?

giphy (2)

Colour me sideways guys, but they actually do work.

I’ve done a fair few loads of washing and the level of clean is exactly the same as I would have expected from washing powder. After some intense close-quarters sniffing of my clean laundry, I can also confirm that the odd smell doesn’t transfer. In fact, the strangest thing about washing with soapberries is that there isn’t really a smell at all – I didn’t realise how accustomed I was to scented laundry until the scent wasn’t there.

If you do like your clothing to smell like something more than just clean, you can apparently add a few drops of essential oils to the berries (which you can also grab through their website).

Lack of laundry fragrance aside, I wouldn’t be able to pick the difference between soapberries and a standard detergent in a blind test. Each handful of berries can be used for around five washes (I’ve just been leaving the lid on my washing machine up after the load to let them dry out), and once they’re used up you can throw them on the compost. According to the gang at That Red House, if you buy a 1kg bag of the berries, you’re paying approx 10c a wash (1/3 the price-per-wash of a commercial detergent), so on top of saving the world, you’re also slashing those laundry costs!


Apparently the berries can also be boiled down for other uses- a good friend of mine is allergic to a lot of shampoos, so I’m going to pass some on to her to experiment with.

In conclusion? I’m a convert– I honestly think I’ll be using these forever now. In fact, it blows my mind that they’re not more widely available. Too many jaded old cynics like me in the world?

Have you tried using soapberries before? Would you consider it? Leave a comment and let me know!


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Why I’m breaking up with my laundry detergent

Musing on vulnerability (OR What I learned from Chris Hemsworth about Acting)

When I decided to nudge my career along a different path at the start of this year and focus more on acting than music theatre, I began to go to as many workshops as I could with Casting Directors for film & TV. As an actor, the CD can be your greatest ally or your biggest door to crack open when it comes to getting work. They’re the first step on the path to getting booked, the people in charge of collating the hundreds of people suitable for a job and culling that list down to the final few to present to the creative team. I’ve found that as a rule, they are lovely, supportive, crazily hard working people and they deserve every ounce of credit they get. 

After a few of these workshops, I started to see a trend in the feedback I was receiving-

“What a strong performance”

“You were really in control”

What I was hearing was – I was too ‘theatre’, I had planned out too much of my performance, I was too ‘in control’.

I wasn’t allowing myself to be vulnerable enough.

Vulnerability is such a great asset on screen. And I think in life, too. Vulnerability, it’s the heart of the truth of who we are. The vulnerability of you doubting something, it’s usually based around a fear of showing who you truly really are. You put on some sort of bravado or mask or something – Chris Hemsworth


Vulnerability is hard! It’s hard as a person, and it’s hard as an actor. I don’t want to let down my guard and reveal anything. I definitely don’t want to admit that I have doubts about something, or if my mental state is less than great. And maybe that’s what makes vulnerability so powerful.

As a human, it can feel necessary to build up an armour to protect ourselves from anything that might try to derail us. As an actor, it’s easier to feel confident if I’ve planned out every second of the audition I’m about to give. But is it really better?

Is it better not to admit when something is hurting us, and we need help? Or to tuck away our laughter rather than expose crooked teeth, double chins, or the way a snort can sometimes sneak in? (or maybe that’s just me).

It has been terrifying for me as an actor to leave my performance open and vulnerable to what could happen -terrifying, and much, much more interesting. My performances are no longer described as ‘strong’ or ‘in control’. I’m ‘interesting’ and ‘very talented’ (this one still makes my stomach flip, thanks amazingly generous CD). I can listen and react like a real person, and weirdly, if something goes wrong that’s okay. I was open. I gave it my all. I was humanDon’t you want to try it?

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Musing on vulnerability (OR What I learned from Chris Hemsworth about Acting)

Pet Insurance- Must or Bust?

I’ve always been an animal lover, and I currently share my life with one sassy little fluff ball.


She looks peaceful here, but I swear it’s all a ruse

I love her possibly more than she would like (she’s not always a fan of my squishes), and I would do almost anything to make sure she lives a long, happy, and pain-free life. Vet visits can be expensive, so it’s only logical that I have pet insurance- isn’t it?

giphy (2)

As the old saying goes, if it exists, someone’s probably trying to make money off it. The same could be said for pet insurance- I mean, how expensive could one little kitty be? It’s time to delve into the confusing world of Pet Insurance.

A quick google shows that Woolworths Pet Insurance is probably the most economical on offer- plus they offer a price-match service and a 10% discount if you join their free rewards scheme. Putting in Shylah’s details, I get the following options:


Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad so far. I can have basic peace of mind (with a $200 excess) for only $6.13 a week, or splash out an extra $4.28 a week for a little more coverage and half the out-of pocket expense per claim. For an additional $1.96 on top of that, I can even get routine visits reimbursed. What’s not to love?

Well first of all, my baby girl is strictly an inside cat. Living in an apartment, she doesn’t rub noses with any other cats (and yes, I do feel guilty about this), so shots aren’t on her calendar. This means that I’m pretty safe to rule out the Comprehensive coverage.

I adopted my baby girl three years ago, when she was about four. If she lives to the average life expectancy of a cat (between 15-20 years, so let’s say 17), there’s still a fair bit of living in her. If I go for Standard coverage, I’ll probably pay around $5,500 across the rest of her life. With an annual benefit limit of $10,000 on that policy, it sounds like a great deal!

But if I dig into the Product Disclosure Statement, things start to look a little less amazing. Here’s a list of things that Shylah wouldn’t be covered for under this policy:

  • Parasite troubles (including ticks, worms, fleas, skin mites)
  • Patella luxations (dislocating kneecap), elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia,
    fractured teeth, toxicity (other than that resulting from a confirmed snake
    bite) and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
  • Panleukopaenia, chlamydia, leukaemia (FeLV), Feline Immuno
    Deficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), viral
    rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, herpes virus and all forms of cat flu
  • Any declared pandemic disease that causes widespread Illness affecting
    dogs or cats
  • More than one instance of swallowing a foreign object
  • Dental procedures; dental diseases; gingivitis; Treatment of
    teeth fractures; teeth cleaning/scaling; orthodontics; removal of deciduous or
    fractured teeth or any oral disease

I don’t know about you, but to me that seems like a long list of things that I would still have to cover out of my own pocket if the situation arises. As a thoroughly spoiled indoor cat, my fluff ball isn’t likely to be hit by a car or bitten by a snake. I really hope she doesn’t manage to get burned or electrocuted in my little house, so that really only leaves a few occasions where I would benefit from my $541 per year. On top of that, this cover only pays out 80% of the total bill, minus the excess payment.

I went through this whole process when I originally adopted Shylah, and eventually I decided that Pet Insurance wasn’t for us. Instead, I quietly put away $20 a week until I had $500 set aside. This is her money, and doesn’t get touched for anything else. As she gets older I’ll be looking to increase this to a few thousand dollars, because older animals are obviously more prone to little medical hiccups as they age.

How has it been going for me so far? Well, in the past three years we have had one visit to the vet. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think she tried to make a ninja move involving jumping off the back of an armchair, flicking the blinds aside and theoretically ending up on the windowsill. She ended up faceplanting into the wall and spraining her tail muscle instead, and I footed the bill of $119 for a checkup and painkillers. That means that if I had been paying for insurance for the past three years, I would be out $1623.84 and received $19 back for my effort. So far, my decision to save for her medical costs without the help of insurance is working to my advantage.

Will I regret this decision if something does go drastically downhill with Shylah’s health and I’m looking at thousands of dollars in bills? Maybe. But probably not as much as I would regret paying that money every month while she lives a long and uneventful life.

Considering Pet Insurance for yourself? Here’s a few things to think about:

Your pet: Do you have a large dog breed that is prone to medical issues, or a moggie that could probably survive the zombie apocalypse? Unfortunately certain types of pets are more likely to experience issues as they get older, and it’s important to be prepared for this

Any exclusions: If you do have a pet that is going to be prone to certain health issues, it’s important to check the PDS before signing anything to make sure they will be covered when issues arise. If you’re not sure, contact the company for clarification and make sure to get the answer in writing.

Old age exclusions: This is a sneaky one! Some companies will automatically cut the cover or add additional exclusions when your pet reaches a certain age- normally right when they’re going to start needing medical attention the most. Not great to find out just as that huge medical bill rolls in or after you’ve been dutifully paying your premiums for five years. Best to make sure you know about any changes to the policy before going in.

Benefit cap: Like any insurance, it’s important to check how much you can claim in any one year, and if that is going to be enough to cover any expenses that arise. The last thing you want is to find out you can only claim $1,000 when you really need ten times that.

Cover percentage: Similar to the Benefit Cap, this is something you’re going to want to be clear on before signing on the dotted line. Do you get 100% of your medical expenses back? 80%? 60%? Can you get more money if you pay a higher excess, or can you pay less excess if you accept a lower percentage? Bear in mind that 60% and 80% of a $15k bill can have a very different impact on your wallet.

Underwriting Company: If you dig deeper, a lot of different companies can be underwritten by the same ‘umbrella’ insurance company (in Australia, there are only two). This means that the product you’re receiving will probably be identical across all of the ‘offshoot’ companies- you’re just paying for the packaging. Investing some time here can be a great way to save extra money,(otherwise you could just be paying for some lush exec’s fat profit margin.

Annual Cost: How much will this insurance actually cost you? Can it fit into your budget without throwing you into debt or derailing your savings efforts? Be honest with yourself- if you’re dreaming of a high-risk pet, can you afford to give it a comfortable, pain-free life if the worst occurs, with or without insurance?

Peace of Mind:  Will having insurance be a weight off your shoulders? Will you be more likely to take a peaky pet to the vet if you don’t have the threat of a huge bill hovering over your head? Sometimes you justcan’t put a price tag on sleeping better at night

At the end of the day, you’re going to be the best person to know if Pet Insurance is right for you. Whatever you do, please please please take the time to read the PDS thoroughly. Print it out, read it again. Highlight what is & isn’t included and make sure you understand what this means! Because the last thing you want is to find out that dental bill isn’t covered when it’s already too late. A little homework and you & your pet can have a long, happy, and financially stress-free life together.

giphy (8)

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Pet Insurance- Must or Bust?

Mid-Year Goals Review!

So I actually had planned to write this post for the middle day of the year (July 2nd, if you were wondering), but then I went to Tasmania for a bit, the blog went on hiatus, and life sort of got in the way. BUT since tracking goals is such a great way of achieving them, I guess there’s no time like the present to see how I’ve been tracking.

This year I used the highly complicated system of two post-it notes in the back of my diary to plan out what I wanted to achieve from the months ahead- one for personal goals, and one for career goals. While such high-tech tracking may not be for everyone, I’ve really enjoyed being able to flick to the back of my diary and see how I’m going. There was no huge amount of thought put into the goals, I just jotted down a few items from the top of my head- they are as follows:


-$2,500 in stocks, house deposit fund, and emergency savings

-Start a blog and contribute to it regularly

-Get in shape!

-Minimalise my house

-Build an alternative income source


-Jump into opportunities without considering the financials

-New Agent

-30% of income performance base

-Voiceover reel

-At least two new clips for showreel


So how am I going?


-$2,500 in stocks, house deposit fund, and emergency savings While my savings aren’t quite where I would want them to be thanks to a little dental mishap, I’m still hoping to build them close to this target by the end of the year. I currently have $2, 678 in my Acorns account, $1,340 in my house deposit account, and $760 in my Emergency savings. One of the reasons my HD & ES figures are lower than I had originally planned for is that I decided to include another savings project- Travel. While most of that money is going towards flights etc for a wedding in the Coromandel in Dec, and then taking me back to NZ later in the month for my Christmas trip home, I’m happy to sacrifice some of my financial goals to see more of the world before it changes even more (pessimistic? Maybe so). I’ve also put a small amount aside to buy an actual camera to record that traveling, because there’s only so far a phone can take you. If anyone has recommendations, please let me know!

-Start a blog and contribute to it regularly Yay, you’re on it! It took me a while to get Ferdydurking Blog up & going, but apart from one hiatus after my Tassie trip when life got a little away on me, I have been writing regularly and enjoying the chance to get some of my ramblings out into the world. Thanks guys!

Can you blame me for getting distracted?

-Get in shape! I actually wrote a figure down for this goal, but it feels like something a bit too personal to share (I’m well aware that the weight on the scale can have very little to do with how you physically look, so I’m not too concerned about the final number anyway). In 2017 I’ve been moving my focus away from music theatre, and towards getting more screen work. As depressing as it may be, TV works does require- well, a TV body. I’ve spent most of the last eight months faffing around, but have finally knuckled down and am at my slimmest since…probably university? I won’t reach my goal by the end of the year, but I’m hoping to put my best foot forward for that beach wedding in December!

-Minimalise my house Nope, nope, big ol’ nope. I can’t help it, I’m a clutter-bug. I can clean a table and a day later it’s covered in stuff that I didn’t even know I owned. I have shifted so much stuff so far, but there’s still so much to go before I can be really happy with my surroundings. My zero-waste swaps have actually been really great for this, my shower looks pretty sleek and amazing without all of the plastic bottles and miscellany. Now to work that magic on the rest of the house!

-Build an alternative income source This one is still very much a work in progress. At the moment I work 40ish hours a week in a variety of customer service roles, which is starting to become incredibly draining.

giphy (6)

In my dream world, I will need to do a lot less engaging with people. I have started doing some freelance writing, which is something I definitely want to expand on, and I’m looking forward to dipping my toe in voiceover work, which has definitely liberated a few friends of mine.


-Jump into opportunities without considering the financials Working a variety of casual roles has definitely been a help with my acting career, but it also can occasionally be a hindrance. It’s hard to say a whole-hearted Yes to an unpaid opportunity when the back of your brain is quietly calculating how many hours of work you’ll miss out on, and whether you’ll be able to cover rent that week. I’ve worked hard over the past few months to build up my savings enough to cover the odd patch of time off, and I’ve done three shoots recently with only a tiny twinge of guilt over lost income! I wouldn’t say I don’t consider the financials, but I now have the luxury of making them less of a priority.

-New Agent Done! After going through the drama of my old representation disappearing under my feet, the first half of this year was spent trying to find my perfect match. I am now with a new agent, and couldn’t be happier!

giphy (2)

-30% of income performance base Due to the unexpected loss of my agent, this has been a pretty slow year for my acting so far, so I’m a long way off this goal. Acting work is so sporadic that one good gig would be enough to turn this stat around, but at the moment I’m slugging away at a few of my recurring jobs, and making sure that I’m still working towards my goals

-Voiceover reel Voiceover work is something I’ve been looking into for a while – I’ve done a tiny bit of voicework before, and it’s been mentioned a couple of times that I should investigate it further. It’s taken almost eight months, but I’ve finally enrolled in a crash course, and if that goes well I’m still on track to get a demo reel recorded by the end of the year. Here’s to an alternative income stream!

-At least two new clips for showreel Ahhh, the ever present search for new showreel material. I’ve done a couple of projects this year with a very promising script that unfortunately have turned out to be completely unusuable once they leave the edit room. This is unfortunately a goal that I will keep working towards, but I haven’t been able to check off yet.

How is your year going? Have you spent some time reviewing your goals? How do you prefer to record and track your goals? Did you even set any? I would love to know!



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Mid-Year Goals Review!

Falling Through Spiderwebs

A couple of months ago BrokeGIRLrich wrote a fantastic post called Falling Through Spiderwebs. Melissa was one of the first (in fact, I think she was the first) finance blogger that I discovered in the big ol’ world of the interwebs, and I’ve always enjoyed her posts because her career as a stage manager makes it feel like I’m looking into a dark little corner of the acting world that doesn’t often get the glory (now would be the time to read Let’s Hear It For The Crew! if you haven’t had the chance).

I normally read the BrokeGIRLrich updates as they land in my inbox and then delete them, but Falling Through Spiderwebs struck a chord, and it’s been left floating around in my inbox. I sometimes get questioned on my ‘obsession’ with money – holidays or unpaid jobs can get a little stressful as I work out how much paid work I will miss out on to take them, and budgeting makes me do a happy dance.

giphy (2)


Mel’s post is such an accurate summary of one of the reasons why I have a healthy interest in squirreling money away. As a starving student, and a now a not-quite-starving actor, having a cushion between me & impending doom really does make it feel like I have a few spider-webs carefully spun to catch me if something goes wrong. Well, last week…something went wrong.

giphy (1).gif


I woke up at about 6.30am with a niggly tooth. In a sleepy haze, I mentally made a note to book a dental appointment for my next day off. Within 30 minutes that had become, ‘make a dental appointment now‘, and by 7.30 I was in pain. Like, serious pain. I couldn’t sit still, couldn’t string together a sentence, could barely muster enough mental focus to google the closest dentist.

Is anyone else getting that sinking feeling? You guessed it…

…Root Canal

giphy (2)

I always thought the air of horror surrounding root canals was related to the amount of pain involved with completely gutting a tooth. As a functioning adult, I can finally say that I know better-  because if there’s anything that my trip to the dentist hurt, it was my savings goals.


Me thinking about my $3,000

For someone who takes home approx. $800 a week, $3,000 could have been catastrophic – four years ago, it would have been. So as much as those three visits hurt to the very core of my being, there’s a little sense of pride that I will be able to pay them off without resorting to credit.

Would I rather see that money safe in my Acorns or home deposit fund? You betcha. BUT thanks to my Acorns, my piddly little house deposit saving, and a few other emergency funds here and there, there are enough layers of webbing to catch me, turning a dental disaster into a slightly unfortunate setback. And for me, that security is worth all of the budgeting in the world. What do you think?

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Falling Through Spiderwebs