May Reading Roundup!

What was that, you want another reading roundup?

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Calm down, ovaries


The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure – William Goldman

Am I the only person who didn’t realise that this masterpiece of writing existed? I’ve watched the movie a bunch of times, but for some reason it never occurred to me that it might have been based on a novel. And what a novel! I relish odd writing, and Goldman certainly is the master of that.  The story unfolds in between his little asides and explanations, and while whole chunks might seem familiar to an avid fan of the movie, it brings an enjoyment all of its own. This is a book I opted to buy a physical copy of (instead of my normal Kindle file), and I’m so glad I did! When the hormones finally overflow one day and I end up spawning (aka child-raising), I’m pretty sure this book will make it onto the family shelf.


The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking

So a few weeks ago I went through a bit of a blargh patch and found myself searching for a relief from the ever-inclement stress that my lifestyle threatens. This book is the result. Looking at the cover art, I expected some light, fluffy coffee-table book filled with lush artwork and beautiful photography. At least the ‘Light’ part was accurate. The Little Book of Hygge feels like something that was commissioned to capitalise on the raging trend for everything Scandinavian- I suspect I’m not far off. There aren’t many of the lush photos that I was expecting – this book is more a guide to ‘living with more Hygge’, whatever that is (don’t worry, Wiking will tell you).

Despite all my sass, I do find an odd sort of comfort in this book when I pick it up to scan a few pages. Perhaps it’s the thought of people finding comfort and warmth in grey winter days (Melbourne has just taken a turn for the wet), or the descriptions of the myriad ways to bring coziness back into your life. I’m not calling myself a complete Hygge convert, but there is a chance that on my next morning off I’ll slip on my wooliest pair of socks and watch the rain fall outside my window for a while. How very Hygge.

Katheryn the Wanton Queen – Maureen Peters

I have a secret weakness for basically anything about the wives of Henry VIII, so when this book dropped into my inbox as a free offering from BookBub, I snapped it up and devoured it before the end of the day (like I said, I have a weakness). I have a soft spot for Kitty Howard, and Katheryn, The Wanton Queen tells her story from the perspective of a loyal companion, unfortunately without adding much to the table. Still, it’s a light, easy read. I didn’t even realise how old it was until I googled for the cover art- check out that original 60s artwork! (shame the updated version didn’t even try for historical accuracy on their cover. Still, how do I get the job of posing for these pictures?)



American Gods – Neil Gaiman

This one’s a beast- let’s see if I can have it finished for next month’s roundup!

What have you been reading this month? Comment below to share your favourite, I’m always looking for recommendations!

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May Reading Roundup!